Friday night at Voxhall (Århus)

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Here is a review of friday nights concert in Århus
Sørøvere på Sommerferie (

And some Vid’s


New Seeland Swing


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New Seeland Tour 2012

Last weekend the New Seeland DK tour had its beginning, starting with Horsens and Aalborg. And i must say, it went very well considering we brought 10 new tracks on the stage. All focused on cues, breaks, chords and melodies the concerts went by with a cosy feeling. It seemed like the audience enjoyed the new ethiopian inspired tracks, so lets chill and get the jam going! This weekend we play at Voxhall (Århus) – Musikteateret (Thisted) – Bygningen (Vejle). Feel free to stop by.

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Listen to some (new) music

A lot has happened, and not much have been said about it on this space so let me try to sum it up.

    The record (our new album) is done, mastered and I think almost printed.
    It has gotten a title “New Seeland”.
    It has got a sweet cover made by Mads.
    There’s also some nice photo’s by Rumle.
    Kristian has made a video for one of the tracks.
    And there’s some more things that I’m not allowed to talk about yet..

Here’s some of the new tracks for you to listen to:
Hirut by analogikdk
Lantchi by analogikdk
Somali Pirates by analogikdk

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Recording some music

These days we are recording our new album in our studio “Gl Harlev Studio”.
We got this mixer from the theater where we did the Oliver show. It had just been abandoned in some warehouse for the last twenty years or so, but now its here with us.
It’s not a particularly great mixer, it has a lot of dust in the potentiometers and everything sounds a bit crackily when you touch it, but it has a nice brown color and it’s perfect for this new record that we are making. More on that soon.

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Kenny did his own music video.

Woke up, found this fantastic music video, had a good laugh.
Good to see someone doing an effort in the name of music. Respect.

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Making funky music is a must

So here we are, all dressed up and good to go, along with the rest of the performers on the show “Oliver med et Twist” (thats “Oliver with a Twist” in danish). We are now well under way with the show, and amazingly able to remember all the songs, melodies, breaks and cues without the need of anything but the power of the mind.

Apart from performing with the show every night, we have also started working on the next album release, which is both exiting and terrifying at the same time (but mostly fun). We have some good ideas about where we wanna take our music, but not really any idea of how that will sound in reality..

I guess time will tell.

Until then, here’s some inspirational music.

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Analogik and bellydance

I noticed a strange and pretty fun phenomena on Youtube the other day. It’s seems bellydancers are pretty fond of our music, and make choreographed dances and such. Pretty cool i must say :-)

Here’s a few of my discoveries..

A whole group dancing to “Tempobeat”.

Two dancers dancing to the song “Forbudt Sprut”.

Another “Forbudt Sprut” perfomance.

Dancing with a snake to “Tempobeat”.

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The new old stuff – Max and the Magic Marker Soundtrack

Ok this is a little late, but here is the soundtrack for the game Max and the Magic Marker we did a while back. We were hired by the nice people at Press Play to make music for three distinct worlds (suburb, pirate and robot) so you get some different types of genres in there.

It’s already pretty cheap, but if you put in the discount code “max” you’ll get 20% of.

If you feel like gaming you can try the game here.

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15. august river vi de jyske rødder op af mulden og rejser mod det sjællanske Ø-rige, for at lave Oliver Twist – Det store tabershow på Nørrebro teater. Vi har i de sidste 2 måneder boet i vores studie for at lave musik til forstillingen, og er nu klar til mødet med sjælland og de mange iphones :)

Der kan læses mere om projektet på:

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Tak for endnu en hygge omgang på grimhøjvej.
Velmødt publikum og dejligt atter engang at se alle de kræfter der bliver smidt i at lave den hyggeligste festival nogensinde. Specielt tak til Mette, Åge og Theis der år efter år balder igennem for at kunne få puslespillet til at gå op. Alt respekt fra Analogik banden.

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